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  • 1. General information on Gene Express genetic services

    • What is Gene Express?

      Gene Express is a genetic service company. We aim to empower our clients with valuable health information through understanding the information gained through the research of their genetic makeup. With a simple saliva sample, clients are able to discover how their genes affect their personal development, health risks and other traits. They will then be able to make the necessary diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to help them lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

    • How is Gene Express different from other providers of genetic service?

      Comprehensive Range of Services
      Gene Express provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of genetic service for consumers to choose from across many categories such as child development, personality traits, nutrition, health risk, food sensitivities, fitness, and skin health.


      Your DNA is analysed in our own on-site laboratory. Samples are never sent off-site to a third party and your information is kept confidential at all times.

      Precise and Relevant Report

      The genes in our products were selected from peer-reviewed scientific publications and leading research. The BeadChip that we use is based on the Asian population which will give you a more in-depth and satisfactory result.

    • What is a gene?

      A gene is the basic physical and functional unit of heredity. Genes, which are made up of DNA, act as instructions to make molecules called proteins. In humans, genes vary in size from a few hundred DNA bases to more than 2 million bases

      Every individual has two copies of each gene, one inherited from each parent. Most genes are the same, but a small number of genes (less than 1 percent of the total) are slightly different between people. Alleles are forms of the same gene with small differences in their sequence of DNA bases. These small differences contribute to each person’s unique physical features.

    • What is single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)?

      A single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is also called genetic variant - DNA sequence variation occurring when one of four letters (A,T,C,G) in the genome differs between individuals. These variants are useful biological markers in helping researchers to identify changes in genes and increased risks of health problems, determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder, and assess any nutrient deficiency, or to assess responses to treatments.

    • How safe is my personal data?

      We are fully committed to securing your confidentiality. We have established stringent procedures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of all personal data in our care. All Gene Express staff members adhere to our internal code of conduct which, among other security measures, ensures that your data can only be accessed by authorised personnel. We understand and respect the sensitive nature of your personal information. It will never be shared with a third party without your consent.

    • Is there an age restriction? Can anyone try the genetic services that are offered?

      Gene Express genetic services are suitable for everyone. However, saliva samples of those under the age of 18 years must be submitted with the specific consent of a parent or guardian.

    • If I would like to try any of the genetic services in the future, am I required to take another saliva test?

      No, you are not required to take another saliva test as your genetic material or DNA will not change throughout your lifetime.

    • Can I still try any of the genetic services offered if I am pregnant?

      Yes, you can try any of the Gene Express genetic services as they are non-invasive. It will not affect your pregnancy because only your saliva is used.

    • Can my Gene Express report be my only source for health advice? Do I still need to listen to my physician’s advice or go for health screenings?

      No, your Gene Express report cannot be your only source for health advice. A Gene Express health report should never replace a physician’s advice or a health screening. Yes, you should always consult your physician on all medical matters.

    • Why is my DNA result different from my expectation?

      It is possible for your DNA result to differ from your expectation because your DNA profile can only provide likelihoods, not certainties. There could be other genetic factors scientists don't yet know about that influence traits. There could also be non-genetic factors at play, such as your age, environment, or lifestyle. If you have a different trait than what your genetics indicate, you could think about what the possible factors are that are leading you to such development.

    • What technology is behind this new service?

      The Gene Express DNA test uses microarray-based genetic screening, which surveys a person's entire genome at over 700,000 locations, all with a simple saliva sample.

    • If I have received a bone marrow transplant, can I do the genetic screening?

      Gene Express do not recommend DNA tests on bone marrow transplant recipients. We test the DNA collected from your saliva sample, which contains cells from multiple sources, often including blood cells created by the bone marrow. If you have received a bone marrow transplant, your saliva will probably include your own DNA and the DNA of your bone marrow donor. This combination of DNA can cause your results to be inconclusive or even possibly report the results of your donor. However, there is no impact on your results if you are a bone marrow donor.

    • If I have received a stem cell transplant, can I do the genetic screening?

      Gene Express does not recommend DNA tests on stem cell transplant recipients. We test the DNA collected from your saliva sample, which contains cells from multiple sources, including often blood cells created by stem cells. If you have received a stem cell transplant, your saliva will probably include your own DNA and the DNA of your stem cell donor. This combination of DNA can cause your results to be inconclusive or even possibly report the results of your donor. However, there is no impact on your results if you are a stem cell donor.

    • Am I eligible for DNA testing?

      Everyone is eligible for DNA testing, whatever your age, gender, occupation, health condition (with some exceptions), whether pregnant, having common illnesses (cold or flu), or taking common medications, such as those for acid reflux. However, this is not a diagnostic tool. Please consult a medical doctor or healthcare provider if you have any medical inquiries.

    • How is this test done?

      This test involves 3 steps: (i) sample collection, (ii) sample processing, and (iii) report generation. Once you have collected your saliva sample and sent it in, your DNA will be isolated and extracted. The extracted DNA will be applied to a DNA BeadChip, and your DNA will be attached to matching genetic variants from our database. Reports are generated based on the type of genetic variants that match your DNA.

    • Which is more accurate, a DNA test or a blood test?

      A DNA test identifies your genetic predisposition risk while a blood test looks at your current health condition. Both tests serve different purposes and should not be compared.

    • Can this test tell me if I have a disease?

      No, this is a non-diagnostic test, and the results should not be considered as medical advice. It is unable to detect infectious agents or markers of disease states, rather it looks at markers of your general health and wellness that can be improved through your lifestyle changes. Any medical concerns or abnormal results should be discussed with your healthcare service provider.

    • Can it be used to detect infectious disease?

      No, this is not a diagnostic test and cannot be used to detect infectious diseases. This array/test genotypes human DNA only, not viral or bacterial DNA.

  • 2. How do I get a Gene Express saliva collection kit?

    • How do I purchase a Gene Express saliva collection kit?

      You may purchase a genetic screening package directly online at

    • Can I purchase on behalf of my family/friends?

      Yes, you can. In fact, depending on the package, Gene Express saliva collection kits make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or for a loved one’s precious child. Please note that the kit will have to be registered with Gene Express in the respective individual’s name at

    • When I purchase a saliva collection kit for my family/friend, will I have access to their reports?

      No. It is important to respect the confidentiality of their personal data. Only those whose genes are being analysed are given access to their results. However, those below 18 years of age will need to access their results through their parent’s Gene Express account.

    • I am not living in Brunei. Can I purchase a Gene Express saliva collection kit?

      Currently, we do not accept cross-border purchases. This means that you can only purchase a Gene Express saliva collection kit within Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

    • Why do I need to register my saliva collection kit?

      Your DNA sample is linked to a barcode in your Gene Express saliva collection kit. Therefore, registering your kit will link your DNA sample to a barcode enabling us to trace ownership. Samples without the account registration will not be processed by the laboratory and will be destroyed.

  • 3. What should I do upon receiving my Gene Express saliva collection kit?

    • What is inside my Gene Express saliva collection kit?

      Your Gene Express saliva collection kit includes a saliva collection device, a user manual, a biohazard bag and a courier company shipping bag. The saliva collection tube comes with 2ml of a stabilising solution.

    • How do I register my Gene Express saliva collection kit?

      After you have created your Gene Express account at, you may log in any time to register your saliva collection kit. You can monitor the status of your test and view your report when it is ready.
      By registering your saliva collection kit, you will link your saliva sample to the barcode and enable us to trace ownership. For further security, samples without the account link will not be processed by the laboratory and will be destroyed.

    • What should I do if I am unable to register my saliva collection kit despite several attempts?

      Error messages may pop up for various reasons. Should that happen when you are in the process of registering your saliva collection kit, please contact us at and provide details about the error. Kindly include a screenshot of the error page if possible

    • What if I accidentally spill the solution in the tube?

      To ensure top quality result, we recommend that you get a replacement saliva collector kit from our Customer Service.

    • I suspect the saliva collector kit has been tampered with because the seals are broken. What should I do?

      To ensure top quality result, we recommend that you get a replacement saliva collector kit from our Customer Service.

  • 4. How do I collect my saliva sample?

    • How soon do I need to collect my saliva sample after receiving the saliva collection kit?

      The saliva collection kit has a shelf life of 3 years so you can use it at any time before the expiry date under proper storage conditions. However, we strongly recommend that you collect your saliva sample as soon as you’ve completed the registration with Gene Express in order to get your report as soon as possible.

    • How do I collect my saliva sample?

      Please refer to the user manual provided with your Gene Express saliva collection kit.

    • How long will the saliva samples be good after I collect it?

      After the samples are collected, they will be good for at least 3 years at room temperature under proper storage and handling conditions. We strongly recommend that you send your saliva sample to the laboratory right after collecting it, using our free pick-up service provided.

    • Will my saliva sample be affected by temperature?

      Normal room temperature is not an issue. The saliva collection tube you receive contains a stabilising agent to protect your DNA sample. If not exposed to temperatures higher than 80°C, your sample will remain stable for as long as 3 years at room temperature.

    • Why is saliva preferred as a sample?

      A saliva sample is preferred to hair and blood samples because it is a user-friendly, convenient and non-invasive method for DNA sample collection. In addition, saliva samples consistently provide sufficient DNA concentration whereas buccal (mouth) swab samples do not.

    • What happens if I forgot to fast before collecting my saliva?

      It is best practice to avoid eating any food in order to minimise contamination. If you really forgot and proceeded with saliva collection, the lab will need to examine the saliva sample before determining if the sample can be used.

  • 5. How do I send my saliva sample to the laboratory?

    • After collecting my saliva sample, how do I send it in for testing?

      You may schedule a pick-up service online during your kit registration. Our appointed courier company will then contact you to schedule a pick-up.

    • How can I re-schedule a pick-up?

      If you wish to re-schedule your pick up from the time you selected, please contact our customer service at +603 8026 2798.

    • How many times can I re-schedule a pick-up?

      We understand that you would need to schedule a pick-up around your personal time, which is often subject to changes. That’s why we have negotiated with our appointed courier company so that you can re-schedule the pick-up as many times as you want, as long as it is done within 24 hours of your original pick-up time.

    • How do I track the delivery status?

      Tracking can be easily done after you have registered your saliva collection kit. Just click on the “Delivery status” tab under My account to check your kit’s delivery status.

    • What if I forgot to register the saliva kit before I send the sample back to the lab?

      You would need to contact the Customer Service immediately with your invoice number and airway bill number information for further checking.

  • 6. When can I receive my Gene Express report?

    • What happens after Gene Express receives my saliva sample?

      Upon receiving your saliva sample, the laboratory will process it using the genotyping machine, iScan, to decode your sample. Once completed, our panel of well-established scientists will further analyse the results and prepare your report. We will notify you when your report is ready so that you can view it on Generally, it will be ready for viewing approximately 4 weeks after our laboratory receives your saliva sample. This is because analysing the huge amount of information DNA contains takes a long time.

    • Why does it take so long to generate a report?

      The report will be generated within 4 weeks after you return the sample. The laboratory needs to perform various quality checks and precision procedures in order to provide you with the highest quality service.

    • How do I view my Gene Express report?

      Log in to to access your Gene Express account to view your report.

    • Do I get a hardcopy of my report?

      We provide the softcopy of your report which you can readily access via your Gene Express account. The simplified hardcopy version will be delivered to your doorstep.

    • Who will have access to my Gene Express report?

      Protecting your personal data is our commitment to you. We have established stringent procedures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of all personal data in our care.

      Your saliva collection kit is marked with a unique barcode, which you are required to link to your account during registration. During the DNA analysis phase, the barcode, which has no personal information attached to it, is the only link which ties your sample to your account. That means, none of the scientists who process your DNA has access to your account and personal information.

    • What language is my Gene Express report available in?

      You may request for your report to be prepared in one of the 2 languages currently available: English or Mandarin.

    • Can my family personalise their lifestyle based on my DNA Personalised Wellness report?

      No, it is highly not recommended. Everyone in a family has a different DNA profile. This is due to a few reasons: (a) we inherit our DNA combination from parents by probability, (b) influence of non-genetic factors (food preferences, personal lifestyle and diet intake).

    • Does DNA Personalised Wellness provide pre- and/or post-genetic counselling services?

      Pre- and/or post-genetic counselling services are not currently included. Please discuss all concerns regarding wellness with a medical doctor or genetic counsellor or healthcare service provider.

    • Is the report suitable for clinical usage?

      This report is not intended to diagnose any diseases. It is a reference for you to understand your health better. If you have any doubts or concerns about your health status, please consult your doctor.

    • If the report shows I do not carry a causative gene, does this mean I am disease free?

      Due to the limitations of current technology, this testing does not cover all the genes and SNP for particular traits. The testing results will continue to be improved once more research is conducted and more information is discovered. We will automatically update your results when the technology and information are made available.

    • What will happen to my DNA sample?

      Your sample will be stored in our secure, access-controlled facility and be labelled only with your unique barcode. As new discoveries in the field of nutrigenomics are made, additional information may be added to our test reports and new panels with additional cutting-edge information would be made available to you.

  • 7. What if my saliva collection kit is faulty / defective OR I have accidentally lost / damaged it?

    • What if the saliva collection kit I received is faulty or defective?

      Contact us via this link immediately. We will help you get a replacement kit. Take note that terms and conditions apply.

    • What if I lose my saliva collection kit or accidentally damage it?

      Kindly contact our Customer Service at and they would be happy to assist you.

    • How do I return a faulty or defective saliva collection kit?

      Quality is one of our highest priorities. If you discover any damage to your product(s), kindly observe the following procedure, failing which you will not be able to exchange the kit for a new one:

      You must notify our Customer Service within three (3) business days of purchase or receiving the parcel.

      A Customer Service representative shall perform an inspection of the damaged parcel.

      If the inspection confirms that the parcel is damaged through the fault of Gene Express delivery partner, you may return the affected product(s), original carton and a copy of Credit Note (CN) for exchange purposes.

      Note: Gene Express reserves the right not to entertain the exchange if the claimant cannot produce the original carton and copy of CN.

  • 8. What if the laboratory fails to process my saliva sample?

    • What happens when the laboratory can’t process my saliva sample?

      This usually happens when the DNA cannot be extracted, due to contamination or the amount of viable DNA is too small. These are just 2 of many other reasons.

    • What is the next step if my saliva sample cannot be processed?

      We will contact you and arrange for you to pick up a replacement saliva collection kit. Whatever causes the failure, you will not be required to pay any additional cost. Some terms and conditions will apply.