The All Important Vitamin D

Some studies show that Vitamin D may regulate almost 10% of the human genome. Hence, obtaining sufficient levels of Vitamin D is crucial to your health, fitness and longevity.

Research is demonstrating the importance of Vitamin D to our health. However, unfortunately, Vitamin D deficiency affects almost 50% of the world’s population.

Some of the elements contributing towards this include lifestyle factors, such as reduced outdoor activities, obesity, environmental factors, air pollution, poor dietary choices and genetic factors.

Top 5 Vit D Foods:

  1. Salmon fish 10.9µg/100g
  2. Mackerel 7.3µg/100g
  3. Sardines 4.8µg/100g
  4. Egg 2µg/100g
  5. Beef, liver 1.2µg/100g